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Help us to save innocent pupies!

A project from Hamburger Tierschutzverein von 1841 e. V.
in Hamburg, Germany

Illegal puppy trafficking is at an all-time-high: Please help us save as many of the young victims as possible to give them a chance to survive.

Ewa Wasilewski
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About this project

Since the start of the Covid-19-pandemic the illegal puppy trafficking is at an all-time-high – ruthless dealers are working hard to supply the increased demand for fourlegged friends. Driven by monetary profit, they neglect the expensive but lifesaving vaccines their puppies – who almost always were taken away from their mothers way too early – so desperately need. More and more little victims come into our care, many of them deadly sick und abandoned. To care for all these puppies is very work-intensive and costly. Please help us to bear the costs of helping these puppies survive.

Here you can find our nationwide campaign against illegal puppy-trafficking: „Süße Ware, schneller Tod: Welpenhandel stoppen!