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500 solar power banks for refugees in Bosnia

A project from Imece Germany e.V.
in Cesme, Turkey

EFE Energy for Everyone / Energie Pour Tous - Made by refugees for refugees

Bahar Torcuk
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About this project

Last year it became apparent again, in which intolerable conditions people on the run have to live. Several thousand adults and children in Bosnia, the border region to the EU, had to survive the winter in double-digit minus degrees in plastic tents without electricity and water. The corona pandemic visibly worsened the situation. That could happen again this winter. In addition, due to the current situation in war zones, more people will seek protection in Europe via the Balkan route. 

But we don't just want to watch, we want to act! That is why we need your support to distribute as many EFE - Energy for Everyone - as possible to those in need of protection in Bosnia. The EFEs are power banks that can be charged from the mains, but above all from the sun, and charge a phone up to four times when the battery is fully charged. Charging cables and two powerful lamps are integrated in the device. Sometimes a few percent of the battery capacity of a phone, that can be used to call for help, is the difference between life and death. This means that the local people can get through the winter more safely and more humanely. 

How are we going to do this? 
In the following two months, EFEs are assembled by refugee women in the IMECE workshop. These women were trained by IMECE in the fields of electricity and solar energy. With the help of this project they can support their families financially. Our goal is to finish 500 EFEs. As soon as the EFEs are produced, we will transport them to Bosnia. In November 2021, in cooperation with our local partner "Bosnak Association", we will distribute the solar power banks to refugees.

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La batterie solaire en bois qui permet aux personnes réfugiées sur la route de s’éclairer et de charger leurs téléphones; et soutient les femmes réfugiées en Turquie.

D’octobre à décembre 2021, les femmes réfugiées déjà formées par Imece viendront au centre communautaire afin d’assembler les EFE, (et seront bien évidemment rémunérées pour ce travail). Chaque semaine nous accueillerons de nouvelles stagiaires afin qu’elles soient également formées aux bases de l’électricité et de l’énergie solaire. Le nombre de batteries solaires EFE dépendra du succès de ce crowdfunding. Une fois la production finie, nous transporterons les EFE en Bosnie. En collaboration avec notre partenaire local “Bosnak Association”, nous distribuerons les batteries solaires EFE en décembre 2021 aux personnes déplacées avant leur traversée des montagnes. 

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