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Father's Home Care Ministries - Orphanage for Children in Ghana

A project from Primavera - Hilfe für Kinder in Not e.V.
in Takoradi, Ghana

"Father's Home Care Ministries" is a privately financed nursing home for abandoned, neglected and poor children. The most important goal is to promote personal development from an early age.

Nicolai Muellendorff
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About this project

The Orphanage "Father's Home Care Ministries" 

"Father's Home Care Ministries" is a privately financed nursing home that relies exclusively on the financial support of private donors and sponsors.

Abandoned, neglected and poor children find a home in the house. Single mothers with one child can also live here and look after their own child as well as other children in the home. They are supported by trained supervisors.

The house also has its own "school facility" for the little ones; otherwise the older children attend public school.

One of the most important goals of the Christian organization "Father's Home Care Ministries" is to promote the personal development of children from an early age and to provide them with the basis for a independent life in society through education and training. This has also been achieved successfully over the past few years through consistent educational and training measures. Many have found jobs that have made them economically independent; and others are even studying at a college or university.

At the moment 40 children between the ages of 10 months and 13 years and five single mothers are looked after by the institution, whereby the accommodation options have long been exhausted, so that nine children are housed outside in a small village.

In order to enable the children to live in the institution, in 2021 Bosch Rexroth Ghana and Primavera e.V. helped to convert a building, that was still under construction, into two double residential units. Its construction work was recently completed so that another 16 children can be accommodated in the facility.

To further support the children and to enable them for a good education, we now want to build a library together. This will be built on the existing site and offer the children the opportunity to learn together. In addition to study spaces with tables and chairs, books and computers will also be made available.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the project, immediate goals and future visions. In addition, there is a lack of elementary aids and much more. This also applies to teaching material for young and old residents of the home. Last year Bosch Rexroth Ghana Limited supported school children with school bags, shoes and clothing sets.