Closed Building a safer pathway to the weaving mill

An aid project by “Semay - Goods to Give” (L. Nguyen) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

L. Nguyen (Project Manager)

L. Nguyen
Our overall mission is to give Ethiopians a better quality of life by raising an awareness of the lives they lead and the jobs to support themselves and their families. Our goal is to support them through a range of fundraising projects and events and by creating demand for their products.
Our aims for the weaving mill project are to raise $1000 to build a path from the road to the weaving mill to ensure safe arrivals for the women and workers during the rainy season.
We hope to create awareness of the women’s jobs, create demand for their products and finally to create a communication platform in the form of a website and Facebook group.
In July 2012, we want to visit Ethiopia to meet the women and to hand over the donations to them. During our one week journey we plan to pay visits to a clinic in Modjo for women and children and a flower plantation in Debrazeit. Finally, during a three day workshop we will meet students at the Addis Abeba University of International Marketing & Strategy to share our experiences.

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Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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  • Bitte helfen sie den äthiopischen Weberinnen und Frauen, damit sie sie auch ihre Kinder und Familien zu unterstützen.

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  • Spendenaktion für die Befestigung eines Gehweges zur Weberei, um den Frauen während der Regenzeit eine sichere Ankunft dort zu ermöglichen

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