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Small Museum needs new Lights for Exhibition

A project from Heimat- und Geschichtsverein Erlangen e.V.
in Erlangen-Frauenaurach, Germany

The current exhibition lights in the area underneath the roof are 40 years old. Old spot lights and cabelling should be replaced by power tracks and LED-lights. We are a NGO-Museum and ask for your support - Thank you!

Jutta Triantafyllidis
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About this project

What is it about?
40 years ago the Museum "Museum im Amtshausschuepfla" was founded. "Schuepfla" means shed - it belonged to a former cloister which used to be around the nearby church. In the past 40 year the museum grew to a well known culture historic museum within the district. It displays very clear the life of the local people in workshop, kitchen, living room, bedroom and attic. A constant exhibition explains the very interesting local history, adjoined by changing cultural historical aspects.

Where is the museum located?
The museum is located in an old building which basics reach back to middle ages, when there was a cloister (cloister founded in 1267).

Start with a provisional solution
When the museum was founded we had a very small budget and did not receive any grants. Because of that we had to go ahead with simple solutions, especially the light-concept in the attic. Very simple clamp lights illuminate since then the room, the exhibition and the informative texts.

For improvement we ask your your donation
This lighting is now very dated. For safety reasons, environmental friendliness and energy savings, this  lighting needs to be replaced urgently. Power tracks are to replace the many cables and to be equipped and modernized with LED lights.

Because of the pandemic closing for more than 1 year we were not able to collect any donations during museum opening hours for this project. We ask kindly for your support, because the old lighting needs urgent replacement.