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Medicine, school and fresh water for the poor

A project from Nigeria Association in Luebeck e.V.
in Lagos, Nigeria

Provide the poor and needy with the necessities of life. Give the poor a chance for a dignified/ valuable and comfortable life

Chiedu Uzonwanne
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About this project

Our organisation wants to help the needy and the poor.

1-We intend to help renovate schools, create a good atmosphere for children to learn, provide basic school materials such as books, computers (laptops), school buses, food, etc.
2 - We want to build wells in the rural areas and villages.
This would provide drinking water to the poor people in the villages.

3-We intend to provide hospitals in rural areas and villages with medical equipment such as hospital beds, incubators, defibrillators, patient monitors, operating tables, ECGs, anaesthesia machines, sterilisers, lights, ultrasound machines, electronic, diagnostic, surgical, durable medical equipment (DME), acute care and storage and transport.