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New poll module for adhocracy+

A project from Liquid Democracy e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

We would like to improve the poll module of our open source participation platform adhocracy+ according to your needs. Many new features will be added with the next release in November. Support us in improving the poll with your donation!

Frederik Wegener
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About this project

Liquid Democracy e.V. is a non-profit association with the vision of a democratic culture in which participation is a given for everyone. In order to realise this vision, we develop open source software for citizen participation. 

We would like to develop a new poll module for our free open-source participation platform adhocracy+. For this purpose, we have held a workshop with interested organisations that already use adhocracy+ and have jointly considered which new functions the new poll module should have. We would like to implement the following functions and need your support:

- Possibility to ask and display open questions
- Possibility of an open answer field (other) for selection questions
- Excel export of the answers for better analysis of the survey
- Additional optional explanatory text for questions
- Scroll function for free text to view responses of others
- Survey will be sent as a whole after completion

The effort for the conception and the further developments of the features is a total of 26 development days with a rate of 825€ per day. This includes all our costs and incidental expenses (such as salaries, rent, equipment, server costs, etc.).
We would like to share our costs with you and keep the burden on individual organisations as low as possible through this attempt at co-financing. Thanks to our open source approach, all organisations on adhocracy+ benefit from the further developments.
The new functions should be ready by the beginning of November and made available on the platform to all organisations and users.
The adhocracy+ platform is financed by donations and optional services that we offer to organisations in addition to the unrestricted free use of the platform. We want to remain independent in the future and improve the platform together with you. Therefore, we are happy if you support our work with a donation.