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Your help counts - Support Afghan women with an aid package

A project from NAZO Deutschland, Hilfe für Afghanische Frauen e.V
in Kabul, Afghanistan

We are all following what is happening in Afghanistan, feeling helpless and wondering how we can help. The idea is to distribute aid packages with food for a month to women in need - your donation can help!

N. Ebrahimy
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About this project

With this project we want to offer protection and help to women in Afghanistan.
Many of the women are currently afraid of going outside and therefore barricade themselves at home. The fear of the Taliban does not even allow the women to take care of their necessary errands, such as going out shopping. People no longer have an income or have to survive on their last savings.
That is why the team from NAZO Germany e.V. ( decided to help the people in Afghanistan. Many of the Afghans are internally displaced persons from outside who have sought protection in Kabul. They camp in parks and are gathered at all the central points in the hope of getting help.
We collect donations for the displaced families as well as for our students who are currently unable to study or work due to the threatening situation.
We have an aid package which includes 35 kg of rice, 5 kg of beans, 5 l of oil, 5 kg of sugar and 7 kg of grain. With this package for 50 €, a family of about 6 can get by for a month.
For this special campaign, NAZO Deutschland e.V. would also like to distribute cash to the students so that they do not have to fear any financial fears until they can (hopefully) be able to live and work independently again.
Every donation counts for the people. No matter what amount.
Our confidant, Mr. Massud, who was also responsible for the safety of women up to now, takes care of the procurement and distribution on site.
As this is an emergency campaign, our goal is to reach as many people as possible in a short period of time. The developments on site are constantly changing and depending on the situation, the aid package may change. (Ex .: weather change, ...)
We will record the progress of the emergency aid action on our website.
You can find out about the latest campaign news on our social media channels: Instagram and Facebook