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Humanitarian aid for Lalibela

A project from Hope for Ethiopia e.V.
in Lalibela, Ethiopia

Food, medical supplies, shelter, blankets and hygiene items are needed

Ferdinand R.
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About this project

War in Ethiopia

Thousands of civilians killed, four million starved, more than two million displaced. Serious human rights violations and war crimes, looting and pillage, sexual violence, assaults on refugee camps and mass murders of hundreds of civilians including children.

In the course of the spreading conflict, Lalibela was also occupied on August 5, 2021. Thousands are hiding in the mountains around Lalibela or are on foot for days on the run to the nearest, as yet unoccupied cities. Since then we have had no contact with our employees, sponsorships and friends in Lalibela and we are very worried.

Hope for Ethiopia e.V. has been working in Lalibela since 2014, we have absolutely trustworthy employees on site and work closely with the Lalibela administration. Thanks to our sponsorships, over 300 people in Lalibela now have a roof over their heads and no longer have to beg or go hungry.

At Hope for Ethiopia e.V., the needy person has always been in the foreground regardless of everything else and as soon as the circumstances allow, we will provide help according to the needs. There is definitely a need for food, medical care, emergency shelter, blankets and hygiene items. First of all, we will organize a daily distribution of food at our Charity Center construction site and give meals to people who have lost their homes and livelihoods or who have fled to Lalibela.

Please donate for the people in Lalibela! Your help is needed there more than ever before. So many people across the conflict region need humanitarian aid and we will do our part. But we can only do that with your support and your donations.

No one can help everybody, but everybody can help somebody!

Thank you for your donation!