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Flood disaster and educational work.

A project from Bildungsgabe e.V.
in Neuss, Germany

An education tent is to provide children in the flood areas with teaching materials and worksheets as part of the educational work. This measure is also intended to help the children (pastorally) process the fl

Laura Molina
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About this project

Due to the flood disaster, people in the affected regions have not only lost their livelihoods, but many hundreds of students have also lost access to education and care. During the clean-up work on site, we realise that a great need has arisen here. We from the association "Bildungsgabe" are working together with charities and relief organisations on the ground and after the needs assessment, we will visit assigned places and set up an education tent. In this education tent, primary school pupils will first be provided with educational materials and worksheets from the schools. This measure is also intended to help the children come to terms with the flood disaster.