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"The Rural Changemakers need Ulrike"

A project from The Rural Changemakers e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Ulrike has redefined development work in India. Her model has won several awards and has been imitated in other villages. She works WITH the people, not FOR them! Help Ulrike Reinhard to continue her work. Thank you!

Ulrike Reinhard
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About this project

Ulrike Reinhard is the founder and board member of our association The Rural Changemakers gem. e.V. . As an association, we've made it our goal to keep our administrative expenses and thus our overhead costs as low as possible. Thus we were looking for a way to give Ulrike some financial leeway, i.e. a salary, for her full-time job for the benefit of the people in Janwaar. The result: This crowdfunding campaign for Ulrike.

Our goal is to find 140 people to support Ulrike's work with 5 Euros per month for one year - starting in September 2021.

So 140 people donating 5 euros a month = 700 euros a month.
Not more, but also no less :-)

If you click on "Donate now" in the top right-hand corner, you will be given the option to donate an amount of "x" per month. Please click on monthly and enter 5 Euros! The campaign is running for one year. And yes, definitely you can also make ONE donation for 60 Euro – this works as well :-)

Please, be one of the 140 people who help Ulrike, continue her work for the project full time and cover part of her living expenses.

Ulrike does the work on site and now due to Corona online via whatsapp, zoom, skype, phone and email. Since she'd built the first skate park in Janwaar in 2014/2015, she has been working full time as a maker/transformer in India. The success of the project speaks for itself – this is what Asha's father has to say: 

  • "I'm feeling very good that my daughter is going to England. I'm feeling so happy, so very very happy. Also because she will go on and learn to do good work, and also progress forwards. She is making everyone happy and proud. Boosting the confidence of the other kids, the village and herself. This makes me very happy!" 

Asha was the first in Janwaar to hold a passport and to go abroad! For a girl, who is considered as an Untouchable, this was quite an achievement. Meanwhile Asha is director of the Barefoot Skateboarders Organisation, a charity founded by the children of Janwaar!

The scope of the project goes far beyond skateboarding - social, cultural and economic changes were triggered by Ulrike's unique idea to "disrupt" a remote Indian village with skateboarding. While she gave up her professional career in Germany, she kept her head above water with mini-jobs here and there and spent her time in India with the project. The project is her passion.