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#Treevolution – Let's Take Back our Forests.

A project from TreePlantingProjects gemeinnützige UG
in Ansbach, Germany

We are TreePlantingProjects, a strong community dedicated to improving the health of forests. We like to meddle: with local tree planting events and reforestation projects, we do our part to protect the climate and environment.

Stefan Klingner
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About this project

About 97 per cent of Germany's forests are being used commercially to some degree. In addition to protecting natural forests, we as a society must reinvent and restructure commercially used forests. In the mid to long term, they have to become as close to natural forests as possible.

With the TPP Platform, a local community of volunteers and financing via donations and state grants, it is possible to start regional reforestation efforts, manage and steer them.

The TPP Platform is provided by the TPP gUG. Currently, about fifteen volunteers are working to maintain and develop it. To grow, we need additional (wo)manpower. Freelancers contribute their expertise in marketing, development, law, taxation, etc. A network of local organizers supports an increasing number of projects.

The land we work with is either provided by private owners or bought by TPP (to create natural forests).

Because we take the quality of our work seriously, we always collaborate with local organizations and businesses who know the region. Our partners are associations of forest owners (Forstbetriebsgemeinschaften/Waldbesitzervereinigungen) and government agencies such as the Office for Food, Agriculture and Forests Amt für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Forsten (Office for Food, Agriculture and Forestry) and the Amt für ländliche Entwicklung (Office for Rural Development). Among our interregional partners are Schutzgemeinschaft deutscher Wald and Deutschland forstet auf.

We create resilient mixed forests that can take on the challenges of climate change and either use them sustainably or leave them untouched until they become natural forests. In both cases, we let nature guide us to protect the climate and environment.

At our volunteer tree planting events, you can meet like-minded people, have a good time working outside, and give something back to nature.

Currently, we are busy conquering Bavaria, but our projects will soon become available in other federal states.

Every donation helps us grow and increases our productivity. The goal is to plant as many trees as possible and to do some good for the climate and environment in your local area.