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Let's create natural forests to protect our nature and climate

A project from TreePlantingProjects gemeinnützige UG
in Ansbach, Germany

Natural forests are invaluable for biodiversity and because they protect our climate and environment. With our community, we purchase land to permanently increase the number of natural forests in Germany.

Stefan Klingner
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About this project

We are TreePlantingProjects, a strong community dedicated to improving the health of forests. We like to meddle: with local tree planting events and reforestation projects, we do our part to protect the climate and environment. For some of our most important allies in the race against climate change –the forests. 

By 2020, commercial use of five per cent of German forests was supposed to have ceased. Germany missed this goal by a country mile, even though natural forests play an invaluable role in biodiversity, conservationism and climate protection. They allow trees to grow old in peace and to remain in the forest even after they have died: A cycle that creates new ecological habitats and lets forests realize their full potential as ecosystems

With your support, we purchase land in Germany to create more lasting, undisturbed natural forests.

Such intact ecosystems are the lungs of our planet and provide a safe habitat for diverse flora and fauna
With TPP, we purchase and maintain forests to guarantee the trees' life-long growth. We re-forest where necessary but never use the land or wood commercially. Our protected forests are located in Germany and are open to the public, so you can visit them any time. We use conservation techniques to optimize ecosystems and are committed to increasing biodiversity. 

About 97 per cent of Germany's forests are being used commercially to some degree. In addition to protecting natural forests, we as a society must reinvent and restructure those forests. In the mid to long term, they have to become as close to natural forests as possible.
TreePlantingProjects has taken on these challenges. Together with our community, we have even more plans. Learn more at #Treevolution – Let's Take Back our Forests.