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Help for street dogs in North Macedonia

A project from Daisy Family Reschue e.V.
in skopje, Macedonia

Help us to cover the immense running costs (vet, food, accommodation, transport, etc.) for the rescue and placement of street dogs from North Macedonia.

Louisa Knop
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About this project

Daisy Family Rescue e. V. is an animal welfare association certified according to § 11 TierSchG and based in Berlin. We have made it our business to save street dogs in North Macedonia and to place them in wonderful new families, especially in Germany.

In 2017 we saved our first dog - the namesake Daisy. In doing so, we, the founders, discovered our common desire and passion to save more unhappy souls from the streets of Macedonia. In the following years we rescued more dogs and shortly afterwards founded an official Macedonian animal welfare organization: Daisy Family Rescue.

Today our organization is also registered in Germany, has its headquarters in Berlin and is now called Daisy Family Rescue e.V.

Since Daisy Family Rescue was founded in North Macedonia, we have successfully placed more than 200 dogs in their "furever homes". Unfortunately there are still far too many street dogs that need our help.

As a rule, collecting a street dog is the first step in the rescue. The dogs are housed in a private kennel so that they finally have a roof over their heads and are given regular food. Then we do all the important blood tests and give all dogs the vaccinations against the most common diseases (DHPPL). In addition, we protect every dog ​​from internal and external parasites. Finally, each dog receives a rabies vaccination. We also test all of our dogs for so-called "Mediterranean diseases". If the dog has injuries or other illnesses, we start treatment immediately. If there are no medical reasons against it, we also have the dogs neutered or neutered.

In order to allow the dog to enter Germany, every dog ​​needs additional documents, such as a health certificate, a passport and a microchip.

Finally, we let the dogs come to Germany by land from North Macedonia with a registered transport company. 

Some dogs in Germany first come to a foster home. We regularly provide accessories such as no-exit harnesses, leashes and collars for these dogs. Even if we reuse them, of course, some of the dogs always manages to destroy the harness, for example. We also have other running costs for the dogs in care (e.g. visits to the vet; liability insurance).

Some of our dogs have been in Macedonia for many, many months in the kennel or in a private pension. The monthly costs for this are immense.

We do get a so-called nominal fee from the adopters. However, this by no means covers the actual costs that we have for the entire placement process of a dog.

We are therefore grateful for every donation that helps us to continue to get the unhappy souls off the streets and to bring them to their "furever homes".