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Flood disaster 2021: Your donation for child day care workers

A project from Tectum e.V.
in Ingolstadt, Germany

With your donation you help to save care places that have been damaged or lost by floods. The money goes to day care workers, e.g. for educational material, age-appropriate equipment in the children's immediate environment.

Stefan Mondini
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About this project

In the last few weeks we have all seen in the media the devastation the flood of the century wreaked in some municipalities and districts in various federal states. The pictures and reports in the various media only give an idea of ​​what the people affected are currently going through.
Tragically, within a few hours, the water carried away lives, houses and livelihoods.

Livelihoods at risk

The professional association of day care workers has received knowledge that there are various day care workers who are also affected. The childcare places and thus also the livelihoods of the carers are endangered or even lost.


If anything good comes to light in such tragedies, it is the solidarity, willingness to help and donation and sympathy of so many people. This certainly helps a lot to ensure that those affected do not lose their hope.
We would like to support our colleagues affected and ask you to donate for it.

To this end, the professional association of day care workers in cooperation with the society Tectum e.V. association opened a fundraising campaign for child day care workers affected by the flood in the affected regions in Germany, because both associations immediately said:

"We really want to and have to help!"

We need your help!

It would be great if you would support those affected so that they can rebuild their work base, child day care, and get back to work quickly. Many victims, including, unfortunately, numerous children, are traumatized by the terrible experiences.

With your donation, you help ensure that the childcare places that you have come to love are available again more quickly.
This gives children and parents a certain level of reliability again: Parents feel relieved when they know that their children are well looked after. And children find rituals, reliable care, playmates and a familiar environment.

We need your help!
Every donation counts, no matter how big or small it is!

Day care is the most personal type of child care!

The activity of the association serves tax-privileged charitable purposes within the meaning of §§51 ff AO.

  •     Support our work!
  •     Secure high-quality childcare places!
  •     Help children and parents!

Tectum e.V.
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