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Protection against infection with Corona for people in Monrovia, Liberia

A project from Liberia e. V. -
in Monrovia, Liberia

We want to help people in Liberia protect themselves against infection with Covid 19. Tools that we take for granted, such as protective mouth-nose masks and rapid antigen tests, are in short supply in Liberia. Please help us change that. Thank you!

L. Pichler
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About this project

In Germany and Europe, life has been dominated by the Corona pandemic for the past year and a half. Many people have fallen seriously ill or died. Even the modern, European health care systems could not prevent this.
Liberia e.V. would like to help people in Liberia, a country with little infrastructure and a health system that cannot be compared to ours at all. 
The people in Liberia have few possibilities to protect themselves against infection with Corona. The main commonly available remedy is frequent hand washing. Buckets with clean water and soap are available in many places, and people use them as a matter of course. 
Rapid antigen tests to detect disease are not even available to health care workers. There are also not enough medical mouth-nose masks available. Health care workers expose themselves to the risk of infection while providing medical care to other people and helping them with health problems.
Liberia e.V. cooperates with the MAGIF Health Center in Monrovia, a clinic where many, also very poor, people find help. We would like to improve the protection of the staff there and enable them to give the patients protective means. 
Therefore we ask you for donations for antigen rapid tests and medical protection masks. Together with action medeor e.V. we will bring the tests and the masks on their way to Liberia. 
We thank you for your support!