Help to stop the Elephant - Slaughter!

An aid project by “Wildlife Action Group International e.V.” (G. Kloeble) in Thuma Forest Reserve, Malawi

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G. Kloeble (Project Manager)

G. Kloeble
It is the Wildlife Scouts which perform the most important but also most dangerous job in natur conservation in Africa.They hunt down armed poachers, chase elephants out of the fields of villagers and do community relation work.Guide tourists and support the work of scientists and volunteers. Only due to their passion and hard work will Africa's wildlife survive.

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Location: Thuma Forest Reserve, Malawi

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  • 20 years incredible successful elephant protection in Malawi-Africa! We started with Zero elephants in 1996 today we can prodly say that over 100 elephants migrated in because they feel protected in Thuma Forest Reserve!

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  • Protecting wildlife in Vietnam, means fighting the illegal trade in animals and animal parts. We could rescue many animals like this little bear and his sister.

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