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Women Inspiration Development Center was able to take 20 Girls off the street with your Donation!

Busayo O.
Busayo O. wrote on 13-08-2013

In Nigeria, the public Secondary Schools turn out thousands of students every year with only about 20% of them getting admission to higher institutions of learning. Among these youths, 40% of them are girls. Out of the population of the girls, about 10% always get admission to higher institution of learning while the remaining will be roaming the street. After few years of graduation from secondary school at least 70% of these girls would have ended up in a premature marriage, single mothers with nobody to be responsible for their children, victims of human trafficking and HIV/AIDS. We are able to take away 20 of these girls from the street for Empowerment  Workshop and Vocational Trainining in Adire fabric making. Our photos will show you what we are able to do with your donations. Thanks to you all!!!

There are still thousands of girls out there, Donate 100 euros to train a girl, establish her with h
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