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School gardens in Botswana and sustainable nutrition for children

A project from Knyphausen Stiftung
in Maun, Botswana

In the project "Sustainable Nutrition for Children and Adolescents", nine more school gardens will be created from October. In cooperation with the local partner organisation FEYS, children and young people learn all about healthy nutrition.

J. Kolta
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About this project

We would like to continue our project "Sustainable Nutrition for Children, Youth and Young Adults", which started in April 2021, and thus ensure that as many children and young people in the region as possible learn to grow vegetables for their own supply and to process them further for a balanced diet. This is very important in Botswana because hunger and malnutrition is widespread and the situation has deteriorated significantly since the Corona pandemic.

School gardens have already been established at 5 schools. Our goal is to plant vegetable and fruit gardens at all schools participating in the Junior Ranger Programme (14 in total). 

From the very beginning, the children and young people learn everything about sowing seeds, the right soil, marking out seed beds and how to use tools for gardening. In the theoretical educational units conducted by our local partner organisation FEYS, they learn to further process the vegetables and fruit they have grown themselves for a balanced diet.

Starting in October, we want to create nine more school gardens with the dedicated trainers from FEYS. For this, we need building materials (fences, nets) for grazing animal, bird and insect protection, tools, seeds and tree seedlings and compost for the beginning, in order to create and protect the seed beds in the best possible way. 

Another goal is that the more than 120 children and young people from socially deprived families will implement what they have learned on their private plots at home and thus become multipliers for their own environment. 

We would like to ask you for your donation to support the young environmentalists in Africa and to be able to implement our projects and educational units!

You can follow the further development of the projects on our homepage.