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Tinker Box

A project from ArtAsyl e.V.
in Köln, Germany

For a donation of 15 euros we can fill a 'Tinker Box' with craft materials and distribute it in our network in order to make access to creative work possible for as many children as possible.

Jérôme Lenzen
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About this project

Tinker Box is our new art education project with which we want to inspire children (and their parents): With great ideas and instructions that work without language and with craft suggestions that can be implemented with simple household items. Welcome to the new ArtAsyl e.V. Tinker Box - YouTube channel:

For many children and young people, access to creative development is difficult right now - because the necessary materials and resources are not available to them, or because art lessons are unfortunately often put on the back seat in schools. Above all, the school closures and the resulting distance learning in the wake of the Corona pandemic have further exacerbated these problems. With our project, we therefore want to support children and young people, regardless of previous knowledge and (material) requirements, to become creative and to try out their artistic skills. We have therefore conceived TinkerBox primarily as an artistic participatory project - made available free of charge on YouTube. The videos all work without language and complicated instructions.

On the one hand, we want to inspire and guide children and young people to independent, creative design with these craft videos. On the other hand, during the course of the project, we offer all interested parties simple instructions for implementing their own craft ideas in video format and thus participating in the project behind the scenes. The craft ideas should be realizable with a few simple materials and objects from everyday use. All the materials needed fit into a shoebox (Tinker Box). In order to reach as many children and young people as possible with our project, we would like to fill Tinker Boxes and then send them all over Cologne. For a donation of 15 euros we can fill such a box with craft materials and distribute it in our network.