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Funded SIXT helps - Help for the smallest among the victims of the flood disaster

Düsseldorf, Germany

Support for the smallest among the victims of the flood disaster in Germany.

Leonie Schaeff from Regine Sixt Kinderhilfe Stiftung
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The severe floods leave a trail of devastation in many regions of Germany. Entire families are left with nothing, their homes flooded, destroyed and uninhabitable. Their towns have been destroyed by the waters, roads washed out, bridges collapsed. The flood disaster is particularly traumatic for the affected children. Torn from their environment, their homes razed to the ground, their favorite cuddly toy lost, their schools and daycare centers destroyed. Now, fast, uncomplicated help is needed. But it is not only the acute care of the flood victims that must be ensured. To enable a return to normality as quickly as possible, the affected schools, kindergartens, daycare centers and homes, or inclusion facilities must also be renovated, furnished or even newly built. Every contribution counts! 

The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation has been implementing emergency aid projects in crisis and natural disaster areas for over 20 years. Through close cooperation with long-standing partners, the aid reaches where it is most urgently needed. You too can help support the smallest among the victims of the flood disaster!