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New construction of the children adventure tower

A project from Elterninitiative "Langes Gässchen" e.V.
in Kamenz - Kamjenc, Germany

New acquisition of a climbing and play tower for our crèche and daycare children to explore and discover. Our integrative children's house urgently needs donations

Kinderhaus Langes Gässchen U. Kadenbach
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About this project

Our children's house needs a new play tower, as the current one has been found to have significant deficiencies by the safety specialist. It is our largest piece of play equipment, without which the children do not have sufficient climbing and playing opportunities.
Outdoor play and movement is very important for our children and one of our main focuses. The associated exploring, trying out and developing fantasies can be implemented super well in a play tower. To appreciate and protect nature, to treat it with care and to understand it as a part and origin of our own life is another focus of our concept. By working in and with nature, the children get to know themselves better, especially their own limits. Since we are an integrative children's house, our children without disabilities learn to treat children with disabilities with respect from the very beginning. For our children with disabilities, we want to ensure a nice and handicapped-friendly environment in the midst of non-disabled children. Therefore, it is very important to offer movement incentives, for children with and without disabilities, which fit into our beautiful outdoor area and nature.

Currently we care for 84 children with an age between 1 and 7 years. The children's house is run by the parents' initiative "Langes Gässchen" e.V. as an independent organization, so to speak by parents for parents. Therefore, the voluntary commitment of our parents is an important pillar in our concept. This year we had to cope with a lot financially, so that we cannot manage the next project without outside help. We rely on donations and sponsoring and are happy about every supporter.

Please donate, every amount counts! Thank you very much!