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Funded Open the doors for youths in Namibia

Windhoek, Namibia

Funded Open the doors for youths in Namibia

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This is a youth-led project that inspires and motivates young people in Katutura (Namibia), to engage themselves in positive activities and have a meaning for their lives.

M. Mulunga from Young Achievers Empowerment ProjectWrite a message

Young Achievers is a youth-led organization in Windhoek Katutura, the group came into existance 7 years ago and brings together young people between the ages of 5-25, the main aim of the group is to make sure that 100% of the youths that undergo through this program make it to tertiary education. Young people in this former township come together every saturday to discuss on issues and matters facing the youths and how young people can solve this issues. Every young person participating in this program should also have a vision in life as we believe that people with a clear vision life will succeed. Because the is so much negative activities in our community the group tries to engage the youths in positive activities, such as taking educational tours, outreach projects to go and inspire other young people in other communities, movie nights and a lot of fun activities that the youths can be engaged in. The are currently about 60 members who are actively participating in the program, and one of the latest activities that the youths are organizing is a career fair, for schools in Katutura (The township?. Some of the biggest challenges that the group faces is transport to do outreach activities or take the members from one place to the other, there is also a great lack of funding to sustain our organization activities. We believe that this project greatly impacts the youths that participates as it provides them with opportunities, helps them select a clear vision for their lives, and engages them in positive activitis.

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