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Home for all beings. We live for animal welfare ♥

A project from Home for Horses e.V.
in Hundheim, Germany

We have an animal sanctuary, where we do everything to give animals a happy livetime. Our horses, sheeps, pigs, chickens, dogs and cats are all rescued by us. They show us their gratitude for getting love&freedom every day.

Sarah Laske
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Home for Horses e.V. is not just a place for Horses. We campaign for every beings welfare. By now there live horses, pigs, sheeps, chickens, dogs and cats at our animal sanctuary. All these animals are either saved from poor environment or from death. Especially the "farm animals" were prevented from slaughter. They all are so thankful to feel so much love an freedom without feeling pain and fear. 
As animal sanctuary we don't have any income. We are a team of  three volunteers, that are fulltime workers to finance the project.
Please help us to continue the project for many years. We would appreciate if you support us by finance, material oder personnel.