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Transforming the world through transforming the individual

A project from Nirmala Yoga Stiftung
in Schlangenbad, Germany

The Nirmala Yoga Foundation offers free meditation & inner consciousness development offers, online as well as in face-to-face classes, as a contribution to more peace and tolerance for our fellow human beings as well as awareness of our environment.

Sven-Oliver Engel
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The Nirmala Yoga Foundation is a non-profit, politically and religiously independent organization.
 It offers free meditations & inner consciousness development offers in the form of
  • Workshops,
  • Courses,
  • Seminars,
  • Training,
online and face-to-face events, in allmost german language.

The Nirmala Yoga Foundation helps people

  • recognize their true self,
  • come into their strength and self-efficacy,
  • are able to live a fulfilled life,
  • finding ways to treat others and the environment with care, dignity and care.

It pursues a holistic, conscious and spiritual approach and makes a valuable contribution to connection and integration, international understanding and the dialogue between cultures and religions - for a peaceful world and more awareness of our environment.

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