Funded Helping children of convicts in Coming Home Center

An aid project by “Morning Tears” (U. Germer) in Zhengzhou, China

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U. Germer (Project Manager)

U. Germer
The Coming Home Center is ran by the NGO morning tears, in cooperation with the local government in Zhengzhou, China, close to a large female prisons.
When a woman goes to prison, most probably her children will be left alone with no support from family.
In our center, we provide 48 children of convicts not only with basic needs (food, schooling, housing) but also with the psychological support they need to overcome their deep emotionnal traumas, and help them to reintegrate into society.
In order to recreate a warm and family-like atmoshpere, the children live in family units of 8 children with 2 caregivers. There are currently 6 family units in the Coming Home Center.
The morning tears staff is especially trained to work with children who are suffering from trauma and stigma due to the incarceration of a parent. On-site psychologist and social workers provide assessment and ongoing, comprehensive case management, individualized for each child to help develop profound life skills.

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Location: Zhengzhou, China

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