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Blocked Berlinman 2012 multiple myeloma challenge

Berlin, Germany

Blocked Berlinman 2012 multiple myeloma challenge

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I wish to raise funds for the Myelom-Selbsthilfe Südbayern e.V. in Munich to encourage them to continue supporting those in need of counseling and consoling. In exchange I will complete the Berlinman 2012 on 09.09.2012 in 5hrs or less.

C. Barlieb from C. BarliebWrite a message

In the Spring of 2002 my mother Elisabeth Barlieb (* 1947 ; † 2011) was diagnosed with stage 3 multiple myeloma ( Thanks to many good people, she and my father spent the next 9 years learning to live with this type of cancer. As this is an incurable disease my mother consciously tested new types of treatments and medications that may someday help others.

The Myelom-Selbsthilfe Südbayern e.V. ( is a self-help nonprofit organization located in Munich to specifically help bring people affected by the disease together to discuss their experiences and to give them support in confronting the daily struggles.

My mother attended the group over the years and made contact with other multiple myeloma cancer patients during that time. I believe this type of organization gives hope to those who feel life is no longer worth living because it suddenly appears too abstract, too surreal and too unfair not to live a "normal life".

My mother's motto was: "You have to accept the disease and then you can live with it." This philosophical position gave her the strength and courage to live until her time came to say farewell. Her life inspired many.

I therefore decided to help others "accept the disease" to live better lives and I now ask you to please make a donation to the Myelom-Selbsthilfe Südbayern e.V.; in exchange I will perform a middle distance triathlon (swim 2,2Ks, cycle 90Ks and run 20Ks) at the Berlinman 2012 ( on 09.09.2012. My goal is to complete the challenge in 5.5 to 6.5 hrs.

The last week of April 2012 I began a tailored 20 week training plan to successfully compete on 09.09.2012.

Those of you who know me know: I’m a highly disciplined architect that loves swimming, cycling and running. So I’m counting on you to make this happen.

I wish to raise € 2,500 for the Myelom-Selbsthilfe Südbayern e.V. in Munich to encourage them to continue supporting those in need of counseling and consoling.

Thank you for your help, please spread the word and see you on the Wannsee on 09.09.2012.

Christophe Barlieb

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