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Sanctuary + Education: Effecting True Change for Animals

A project from Tierschutzstiftung Lebenshof
in Rietberg, Germany

Preserving the 100 years old sanctuary buildings in Varensell as home for rescued animals and as a place for learning experiences for humans.

Frauke Albersmeier
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About this project

Animals experience suffering and happiness. They feel fear, pain, sadness, they love and need each other, they want to have fun and live. Protecting animals from violence, helping them in sickness, enabling them to make friends and experience happiness – that is what the foundation ‘Tierschutzstiftung Lebenshof – Achtung fuer Tiere’ is working for every day. Please help us preserve the sanctuary as a home for animals and a place for humans to learn about fair human-non-human interactions.

 Peacefulness, respect for others, civil courage, commitment to the weaker – these are actually fundamental values. But animals are caged, mutilated and killed, persecuted and destroyed, many of them without having felt a single moment of safety and happiness. Everyone is familiar with the images of torturous animal testing or rage against severely injured animals in the food industry. Animal experiments, animal economy, hunting and many more are supported by the state.
 How can we achieve that animals are no longer mistreated and exploited, up to their violent death? Locking them in larger cages, killing them a little later and calling that "animal welfare" is not a solution. This ignores the most important similarities between us and them: our sentience and the will to live. 

It is not enough to torture animals a little less. Animals need rights, like those to physical integrity, freedom and to life.
 If we want to help our animal relatives honestly and sustainably, we have to start with humans: namely in education. We must overcome the acclimatization to cruelty – we must stop people from unconsciously growing accustomed to violence against animals. This is what the foundation Tierschutzstiftung Lebenshof - Achtung für Tiere is committed to:  
... with the preservation of the sanctuary (Lebenshof) in Varensell as a home for rescued animals and a place of learning for people.
... and with educational initiatives for an informed and responsible relationship with our animal relatives.
Your donation can make a difference. Help us make true dedication to animal protection tangible at the sanctuary, help us promote compassion and insight into basic animal ethics issues and bring education on animal issues into schools!