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Fight hunger in Uganda: 10€ = 1 bag of Posho = 1 week without hunger

A project from Hope Uganda Germany e.V.
in Kabale, Uganda

Dear Donors, we want to fight the Corona-fueled famine in Uganda by distributing food. 10€ = 1 bag of Posho = 1 week without hunger - our aim is 50 bags of Posho against hunger in Uganda

Inga B.
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Dear Donors,

The current situation in Uganda, East Africa, continues to worsen due to the spread of the Delta-Corona virus. Insufficient hygiene and lack of medical care make it difficult to fight the pandemic. For example, Spiegel reported in its June 19 issue that "hospitals are overcrowded and the availability of medical oxygen is problematic." In early July, other media, such as Süddeutsche, taz, tagesschau, Die ZEIT, and others, also report on the escalating situation in many African countries and Uganda as a sad frontrunner.
In Kabale, in the southwest of Uganda, the fear of riots due to the difficult living conditions is growing. Already last year, during the first lockdown, there was civil unrest and the military marched into the town.

Currently, there is a 42-day hard lockdown. Unlike in our country, this makes it difficult for residents to get food. In addition, the economic situation of the people has worsened massively. Poverty and hunger continue to increase. Our school project "Hope Uganda Project", which is mainly concerned with the education and care of children and young people under the leadership of Didas Nuwamanya, which we have been supporting with our German association "Hope Uganda Germany" since 2016, has also been severely affected. The socially disadvantaged children had to return to their families living in poor conditions due to the temporary forced school closure (since March 2020!!!). Child labor and (sexual) violence as well as marriages of 13 or 14 year old girls are unfortunately not rare cases and meanwhile also affect "our" children. In addition, there is a high risk of infection and famine.

Our goal is to help our children, their families and their impoverished village communities by donating food.Especially during the 42-day lockdown. We want to relax the situation in the villages and for the children to be able to live in peace.
Especially during the 42-day lockdown. on site.

On average, a family can live for a week on one 10kg bag of Posho (polenta-like filling food). For buying and giving the food to the families we calculate 10€ per back of Posho.

Please support us to fight against hunger of the affected people. Donate 10€ against hunger in Uganda!