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Schools for Children of the World, Community Learning Center, Liberia

Gbarnga, Liberia

The Community Learning Center in Gbarnga, Liberia to improve destroyed post-war school facilities. For interested and enthusiastic young adults and teenage of Bong County, who yearn to become literate and achieve better education.

H. Schwarz from Schools for the Children of the World e.V.
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A community learning center which will serve as a facility for improving the education and opportunities of the interested and enthusiastic people of Bong County, who yearn to become literate. We envision this project as a collaborative effort between German, Dutch, North-American, Liberian, in joined efforts with local community groups and leaders as well national and local governement representatives.

The need for educating Liberia’s youth after the 14-year long civil war is paramount and urgent. While the government emphasizes increasing educational enrollment, a lack of safe
buildings and adequately-equipped facilities impedes progress. There is insufficient classroom space in existing
schools and because many buildings are in extremely poor condition, classes are frequently cancelled during heavy rainfall or windstorms. In the Bong County Development Agenda (2008-2012), educational facilities were identified as one of the top three priorities for development.

A new community learning center in Gbarnga will offer opportunities for increased literacy, adult and early childhood education, support for programs that empower the local community, and more. In addition toenhancing economic prospects for individuals, these opportunities will increase the possibility of peacefulsolutions to the current political challenges, thus decreasing dependency on the United Nations. The Gbarnga Community Learning Center will include spaces and resources for the following programs

The project uses proven and successfull project plans, engagement models with local stakeholders and volunteer groups as well as the government to ensure a sustainable learning infrastructure. Please see the track record of projects in Haiti or Honduras on

The estimated funding for the first project phase - Classroom building for the community learning center - is about US$ 90.000,00 - most of the funds have been raised since the initiation of the fundraising. However we still miss funds to complete the estimated budget.

All raised funds and not used for phase 1 will be allocated to planned extensions of the current building phase, currently in discussion as an extension are e.g to add a classroom, solar panels.
In 2014 we want to run another project for the Training Learning Center: drilling of a new well.
The existing well, built in the 1999, is only 8.34 meters (27’- 5’) deep, due to the fact that the rock was hit before reaching the water table. As a consequence, during the dry season (January- April) the well can get dry.

All Donations to the project go to the construction of the learning center. Funding Requests list the estimated costs for work packages, received funds will be allocated according to project progress in best interest to achieve a timely finish of the project. In case this results in re-allocation of funds donated to a specific work package we will see to keep those re-allocations to a minimum.