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Women’s Economic Empowerment through Pig Farming Project in Shinyanga

A project from BIDII-TANZANIA
in Shinyanga Municipal, Tanzania

Through this proposed project (WEEPFP-Project), which is an Income Generating Activity (IGA’s) is aiming to empower young and adult women economically through pig farming project under the technical support from BIDII-TANZANIA Organization.

Nsanzugwanko Daniel
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About this project

Women’s Economic Empowerment through Pig Farming Project in Shinyanga (WEEPFP-Project) is an Income Generating Activity (IGA’s) project which has been proposed by young and adult women under the technical support from Benevolent Institute of Development Initiatives in Tanzania (BIDII-TANZANIA) for relieving from extreme poverty facing young and adult women   encountered with forced marriage, early pregnancy and Grandparents caring for Grandchildren in Shinyanga Municipal in Tanzania.  
The Shinyanga region is one of the 5 regions in Tanzania which is leading on forced marriage and early pregnancy practices and the young women and adults women have been the target for these tragic practices and its social impacts. Also associated with other social economic discriminations  like  denial of education provisions to female children, increased of maternal mortality rate among pregnant women because of entering in marriage practices  at early ages, poor marital relationship  to those in marriage which is aggregated with  poor involvement of women in decision  making  including inadequate  utilization of   household’s resources and income  benefits as well as inadequate economic opportunities rendered to women. Furthermore women targeted by this project are single mothers (Women headed households) while others are aged caring with grandchildren with some difficulties to support them with necessary basic needs. 

Based on the above social- economic hardships facing adults and young women in Shinyanga Municipal in Tanzania; BIDII-TANZANIA has initiated Women’s Economic Empowerment through Pig Farming Project in Shinyanga (WEEPFP-Project) Which is focused on provision of sustainable economic empowerment to 120 women headed households based in Ibadakuli and Chibe wards in Shinyanga Municipal in Tanzania. 
The proposed project is intending to provide economic empowerment to 120 women headed households and improving the quality of their life and local communities by accomplishing the following project specific objectives:

1.    Empowering 120 women headed households with 240(120 sow and 120boar) 2Piglet per house hold for undertaking pig project for relieving them from poverty by Sept, 2022.

2.    Empowering the project beneficiaries 120 (women headed households) with skills and knowledge on Pig keeping and management and other entrepreneurships skills by September, 2022.

3.    Facilitation of extension services to 120 women through ward   extension officers by Sept, 2022.

4.     Linking 120 women undertaking this project with reliable market and marketing by Sept, 2022.

The proposed project will be one year project, planned to start September, 2021 up to Sept, 2022.

This project is supported by the Maecenata Foundation, Munich/Berlin: