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Endurance for Endo. Endurance for Endometriosis.

A project from Endometriose-Vereinigung Deutschland e.V.
in Leipzig, Germany


Endometriose-Vereinigung Deutschland
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Endurance for Endo. Endurance for Endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a disease that requires perseverance. Endurance in the search for the answer to the symptoms that torment many sufferers for years; endurance in the search for a personal path with the diagnosis of endometriosis; endurance in dealing with the recurring and persistent pain and problems; and endurance in adapting one's own life to endometriosis.

The Endometriose-Vereinigung Deutschland has been supporting those affected with all of this for 25 years.

Endometriosis is the second most common gynaecological disease. It is chronic. Every ninth to tenth woman suffers from endometriosis; that is about 2 million people affected in Germany. Every year, 40,000 new cases are diagnosed. Endometriosis is the cause of 40 to 60% of women who are involuntarily childless. Affected women suffer from extreme pain in the abdomen, back, legs, during sexual intercourse, gynaecological examinations and bowel movements. Irregular and very heavy menstrual bleeding, bleeding from the bladder and intestines are also among the symptoms. The psychological effects are enormous: exhaustion, sleep disorders, depression. A clear diagnosis is currently only possible by means of laparoscopy, a surgical procedure. The variety of symptoms and the fact that the disease is still not well known mean that it can take up to ten years before a diagnosis is made and treatment can begin. 

The suffering of those affected usually begins in early adolescence, with the first menstruation. Shame and fear still characterise this experience for most girls. As a result, they do not talk about menstruation and its possible accompanying symptoms, neither with trusted persons nor with female doctors or physicians. And pain during menstruation, which can be a first sign of endometriosis, is also ignored. "That's just part of it", "Don't be like that", "Don't make such a fuss", "Then you'll just have to take painkillers", "You're sensitive" or "Are you having your period again?" are statements that girls are often confronted with. Although menstruation is now a topic in school lessons, endometriosis is not taught. Many gynaecologists still do not take the symptoms seriously and shy away from referring patients to specialists. 

The Endometriosis Association Germany, founded in 1996, is a nationwide self-help organisation by and for endometriosis sufferers. Our core tasks are to educate and inform about endometriosis, to advise those affected and to strengthen the position of patients. 

For our work we need financial support for three important areas:
1. for the expansion of our free counselling services
2. for education about endometriosis in girls and young women at schools
3. for the production and printing of information material on endometriosis for those affected.

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