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healthy sick people

A project from LLauGH e.V.
in Fichtenhöhe, Germany

Healthy sick people may have an illness, but they have built up a (working) life that is healthy for them. Their experiences show that chronically ill people do not belong in bed, but are a valuable resource for the world of work and society.

Monia Ben Larbi
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Healthy sick people are people who are sick in the sense of pathogenesis because they have a chronic illness that accompanies them in life. At the same time, however, they are healthy in the sense of salutogenesis because they have integrated their illness so well that they lead a healthy life that is understandable, manageable and meaningful for them. Nevertheless, healthy sick people are often excluded from the world of work or employed on the fringes of the system. 

From our point of view, healthy sick people belong in working life at eye level: 

  • It is good for us, because work and impact are close allies - and should we really watch TV all day for the rest of our lives?
  • It is good for the labour market, because our expertise is only rarely affected by the illness;
  • It's good for organisations, because we are powerful engines of organisational development - where we do well, most do well;
  • It is good for society, because can we really do without the impact power of millions of people?
We know that it is difficult to understand chronic illness. We often don't look sick, we don't lie in bed and yet we have some kind of limitations that trigger taboos and (false) consideration. Therefore, we would like to start with us - with our stories - and present to you on the "healthy sick" platform the different ways we have all found to be able to work successfully.

In a second step, we want to derive recommendations from the stories: for those directly affected, for colleagues and organisations and, last but not least, for the supporting system.

We are Monia Ben Larbi from LLauGH and Juliane Wünsche from Working Evolutions. In addition to our work, we are taking this project forward step by step, depending on our available energy and time resources. Every donation brings us a small step further, because then we don't have to do everything ourselves: primarily the construction of the website and the processing of the interviews in writing and video.