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Circus Project @ Antonius Primary School

A project from Förderverein Antoniusschule Essen-Freisenbruch
in Essen, Germany

In order for our circus project to take place in September, we ask for your support. Every 4 years our children transform the school into a circus for a week and show the astonished audience what they are working on with the circus family.

Michael Hasel
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From 13.09. to 19.09.2021 our circus project with the Sperlich Circus will take place. This special project takes place every 4 years, so that every school child has the chance for a unique experience once in their primary school years. For one week, we are not a school, but the Antonelli Circus! 

The children practise together in different groups for their big performance. Fakirs, tightrope walkers, acrobats, clowns and many other groups rehearse for a week for a planned 4-6 performances at the end of the week. The whole thing is a big spectacle with lots of guests, music, tombola and other surprises for young and old.

The children are supported by the members of the Sperlich circus family. The performances will take place in the big circus tent in the school yard (as far as the then valid Corona conditions allow). The total cost of the project is 16-18 TEUR.

Due to the pandemic, it was difficult to collect donations in the run-up to the project through the usual activities, such as selling cakes and drinks at school events. In order to make this experience possible for the current generation of students, we ask for your support!

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