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FortSchritt charity run - exercise for a good cause

A project from FortSchritt – Konduktives Förderzentrum gGmbH
in Dürnhausen, Germany

At the FortSchritt charity run from Mo, 13.09. - Sun, 19.09.21 our children, parents, relatives, friends and employees collect kilometers with movement of any kind and thereby receive donations. With this money we will rebuild the "Von Gugel Haus".

C. Wagner
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The Event:
The FortSchritt fundraising run is an inclusive sports week from Mon, Sept 13 - Sun, Sept 19.21 of the FortSchritt Konduktives Förderzentrum gGmbH. Children, parents, relatives, friends and employees of the FortSchritt facilities are in motion, strengthen their own health and collect kilometers for a good cause. Whether it's an after-work walk, jog, hike, pedal boat ride, bike ride, etc., every kilometer counts. - Every kilometer counts!

The donation goal:
Our "Von Gugel Haus" in Dürnhausen is being converted into an inclusive, barrier-free guesthouse with a café for vacations, training courses and conductive support weeks. Children, young people and adults with and without disabilities as well as their families will find recreation in a natural environment in the district of Weilheim/Schongau. The donations we receive allow us to achieve this goal more quickly!

Who can participate and how?
A) Parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc. donate an amount of their choice per kilometer run by the children.
B) Family members also donate for their own achieved kilometers in this week.
C) FortSchritt staff and parents ask local businesses (ice cream parlor, bakery, savings bank, etc.) to donate a self-selected amount per kilometer for the total kilometers of the local FortSchritt facility.
D) Additionally, the kilometers of all facilities as well as the FortSchritt administration will be added up at the end of the week. Strong partners donate per total kilometer on top!

Here at you can easily make your donation for our FortSchritt charity run and support our "Von Gugel Haus" project!

For more information, contact your FortSchritt daycare center or visit