Bakau Primary School in Gambia

An aid project by F. Dittrich in Bakau, Gambia

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F. Dittrich (Project Manager)

F. Dittrich
Bakau Primary School was established in 1947 and is one of the oldest schools in The Gambia. The school currently has 1,250 children (526 Boys and 724 Girls) on the roll; 1,000 attend in the morning and 250 in the afternoon, and a dedicated staff of over 30 teachers headed up by the Headmaster Mr Alhagie Dukuray. Bakau is one of 48 Lower Basic Schools falling within Region one of the local education office.

Bakau is a town on the Atlantic Ocean coast of The Gambia, lying west of Banjul. It is known for its botanical gardens, its crocodile pool Bakau Kachikally and for the beaches at Cape Point. It is the first major suburb outside Banjul and the most developed town in The Gambia.

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Location: Bakau, Gambia

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