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Stolpersteine ONLINE- enable commemoration multilingual

Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

The revision and multilingual translation of the website Stolpersteine ​​in Freiburg enables the descendants of victims of Nazi persecution to have easier access to information about the fate of their families.

Tina Patzelt from UWC Robert Bosch College
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Stolpersteine (stumbling stones) & Service learning at UWC Robert-Bosch College
Two hundred 200 16-18-year-old students from around 90 different countries live and learn at RBC. For more than three years, German and international students have been involved in the Stolpersteine service learning. Part of the project cleaning the stones, systematically photograph and record them. In addition, we cooperate with the Stolpersteine ​​initiative in Freiburg and have set ourselves the goal of revising and expanding the existing (very marginal) website. Young people from Germany, Norway, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and Uruguay are currently working in the group. For several weeks they have also been translating the biographies of those, persecuted by the Nazi regime into English, Spanish, French, Ukrainian, and Norwegian.

A new website for the Freiburger stumbling stones
On the website you can find information about the Stolperstein project and the biographies of the victims of the Nazi regime. There is also a city map in which most of the placed stones have already been added. Thanks to the initiative, initialized by Ms. Meckel, already 459 stumbling stones are placed in Freiburg - and more will be added in fall. The 14 students of the current year group have focussed on creating the basis for a revision of the website. The goal is to make the fate of the persecuted, for Freiburg citizens but especially for the descendants of the persecuted, more accessible (hence the multilingualism).

...and now
After first attempts to program the site ourselves, we realized that this complex task needs an expert. The cost of reprogramming the site is around € 2,800, so we are now looking for supporters for this project as a next step.

Future steps:
After the website has been programmed by an external agency, we plan the data transfer of the pictures &biographies to the new online presence and the creation of topic-related city tours. Additionally to students & staff of RBC , the target groups are our host families and neighbors. We are planning partnerships with nearby schools - so that the topic can be conveyed in peer-to-peer contact BY young people FOR young people. This can be done through guided tours, discussions or art projects - and thanks to our many language artists, it also opens access to people who would be excluded due to language barriers, as translations into English, Arabic, Pashto, Farsi are possible etc.