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School furniture for Gambia

A project from ASFA International e.V.
in Gunjur, Gambia

Hello we are ASFA International. A young NGO based in Germany and Gambia. Help us to ship 214 used school desks and about 300 chairs to Gunjur, Gambia and enable children and youth to learn and work better.

Alpha Sameth
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Hello we are ASFA International. A young NGO based in Germany and Gambia.
We believe that a complex approach is needed to stop the causes of flight, lack of perspective and poverty. That is why we have made it our mission to support and expand the health and education sector in The Gambia in particular.

Together we have the opportunity to change the situation in The Gambia now. 214 used school desks and almost 300 chairs will be shipped to Gunjur, Gambia with your help and enable children and young people to learn and work better. In addition, we will save over 500 pieces of furniture from being scrapped! These are donated to us by schools in Hesse, because the children there, get new furniture. 

With our BetterPlace campaign we want to raise money to finance the transport of the furniture to Gunjur, Gambia. We face four costly challenges: 1. the removal of the furniture from the schools; 2. the cost of the shipping container and loading; 3. customs in The Gambia; and 4. transportation and unloading in Gunjur. 

Our work is to bring people together and create communities based on mutual support. You too are welcome to become part of our community and help with your donation! If you are currently not in a financial position to donate, we would be happy if you share the campaign with your family, friends, fellow students and colleagues. 💙

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