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Nest Box Project Cavity Breeders & Owls

A project from LBV-Kreisgruppe Landsberg am Lech
in Mittleres Lechtal südlich von Landsberg am Lech, Germany

LBV Landsberg wants to build and hang nesting boxes to replace natural nesting sites for some different bird species.

Luca Sauer
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About this project

Many bird species are endangered, threatened with extinction or even already extinct. One reason for this is often that the birds cannot find suitable nesting sites. 
One reason for the loss of nesting sites is, for example, that when trees are felled, no attention is paid to whether there is a cavity on the tree. These are used by many birds as nesting sites (e.g. tawny owl).
Artificial nesting aids are needed to replace these natural nesting sites. The LBV Landsberg wants to build nesting boxes for different bird species and then hang them along the Lech river south of Landsberg.
Nesting boxes will be built for hoopoe, goldeneye, common merganser, stock dove, tawny owl, pygmy owl and rough-legged owl.