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Claw stand to improve animal welfare in agriculture

A project from Gnadenhöfle e.V.
in Müllheim, Germany

Acquisition of a modern hoof care stand to ensure the general health of the animals in the companies, sanctuaries and private homes in our region through regular hoof care.

Patrick Ohme
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About this project

The Gnadenhöfle e.V. association ( has set itself the goal of improving animal welfare in cooperation with agriculture in our region. The needs of so-called farm animals have been forgotten over the years. The association would like to change this in the future with information, actions and education. Our aim is to bring consumers and farmers together and to promote and strengthen mutual understanding and respect on both sides. We would now like to take up one of these topics and provide a modern claw stand for animal welfare in businesses, sanctuaries and private homes. With a modern tilting hoof trimming stand, not only can routine hoof trimming be carried out very efficiently, a wide variety of treatments are also possible in a safe position for humans and animals. Cow keepers from the region should have the opportunity to have this hoof stand available for free and thus improve the animal welfare of their own animals. Regular hoof care is an important part of ensuring the general health of the animals. Hoof diseases can just as quickly lead to the fact that the feed intake drops quickly and then, for example. Secondary diseases such as ketosis or acidosis can occur. Furthermore, some of our members will attend hoof courses and support hoof trimming work on the farms. The costs for such a claw stand amount to approx. 20,000 € which we hope to master together for animal welfare.

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