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Funded New binoculars for the observation desk at the Rummelsburger Bucht

A project from NABU Berlin e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

The binoculars at the observation desk at the Rummelsburger Bucht are damaged and need to be replaced. We collect money for new binoculars and are very thankful for your donations!

NABU Berlin AG Rummelsburger Bucht
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About this project

Dear friends of the Rummelsburger Bucht in Berlin,

as many of you might have already noted, the binoculars at the observation deck at the Lichtenberg shore of the RuBu are gone, with which you could watch all the animals living in the reed or on the islands across. Many neighbors and especially children miss the binoculars a lot and regularly people ask us if and when it is getting reinstalled. Unfortunately, the binoculars were ripped out their mounting and are now so damaged (the holder as well as the optics inside), that a repairing would not be economically profitable for the responsible company. But we can buy new binoculars of the same type and install them on the still existing pedestal at the observation desk. The asset cost is more than 2,000 Euro, which we need to collect first. That is why we are super happy if you help us with that and donate for our project! Thanks a lot!
Your NABU group "Rummelsburger Bucht"