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Outdoor KiTa Space Makeover

A project from kath. Kigem. Hl. Johannes XXIII., Homburg
in Homburg, Germany

Grass under your feet, dirt under your fingernails, and a smile on your face- our favorite place to be is outside!

Silvia van Staa
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About this project

The outdoor space of our daycare/preschool facility Charlottenburg in Homburg-Erbach needs a makeover due to our building extension. We need your support! The children and staff are looking forward to a nature-based designed area with various play and retreat areas. 
Of course the parents would like to help, playing an active role in the construction of the outdoor area; however, we need donations for play equipment and materials.

Note: When exactly the outside area will be made available to start the makeover is dependent on various factors. Our current timeline plans for us to take action in the second half of the year 2021 and later. 
At any rate, we would like to start collecting donations so that we do not lose any more time. 

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