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An aid project by Sanne K. in Simferopol, Ukraine

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Sanne K. (Project Manager)

Sanne K.
Amira turns two this summer. On March 19th 2012, she got diagnosed with leukemia.
Acute leukemia is characterized by a rapid increase in the numbers of immature blood cells. Immediate treatment is due to the rapid progression and accumulation of the malignant cells, which then spill over into the bloodstream and spread to other organs of the body. Untreated, acute leukemia leads quickly to organ failure, causing the death of the patient. Acute forms are the most common forms of leukemia in children.
Amira suffers from acute myleoid leukemia, AML. When she was diagnosed, luckily, the life-saving treatment could start immediately.
This are the good news: AML is curable! There are many many survivors living happy and healthy lives!
Friends&family from over four countries in three continents joint forces to help the toddler. Let’s give Amira a chance to live!
Your donations and support will be used in these ways:
• Cover the cost for chemo therapy that Amira has to undergo for 8 months are about 6000$/month. 50% of the cost covers the government of Ukraine. The remaining 3000$/month must be found by the patient’s family. The average income in Ukrainian is at a mere 500$/month. Your donation will prevent an early, possibly life threatening end of Amira’s chemotherapy.
• In Crimea, Ukraine it’s not possible to do a bone-marrow transplant. Amira will need a bone marrow transplant as a life-saving therapy after her chemotherapy is finished. Your donation will help to fund Amira’s treatment in Berlin, made possible by the aid organization Berlin Hilft (Berlin Helps)

It’s a long way. It will be easier to walk it together!
>>>FACTS>>> |
*The project Help Amira Live! Exists since March 2012. Here you can see who helped so far and get listed as supporter yourself!
*I’m a filmmaker and mother of two based in Munich, Germany. We’re not rich, but my kids are healthy and their needs are covered. When the cry for help from a friend for his daughter Amira reached me, it was clear I will be there for them.
I admire that Amira’s family does not fall in to a deep depression after this devastating news.
*We’re three key members in our fundraising team. More help welcome! A brief intro of ourselves you’ll find here:
This project will help to give Amira a fair chance to heal. The chance all children our children should have.
At the same time, we’d like to raise awareness for the need of bone-marrow donors. We hope to get more people registered online. It does not cost anything and many people will benefit! You can help! Read more: |
You, as a user of betterplace can help by funding Amira’s chemo therapy and by raising funds for Amira’s bone marrow transplant. You can make the difference and save her life.

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Location: Simferopol, Ukraine

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  • Amira in Hospital Tytovastreet, Simferopol, in March 2012

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  • Amira in Simferopol.

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  • Amira's first birthday party in Simferopol. This summer she turns two. We want to help her to celebrate many more birthdays in her life!

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