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we project- a participationprojekt for refugees and migrants

A project from We integrate e.V.
in Nürnberg, Germany

We take care of the integration and support of refugees in Nuremberg. To find out how our projects are received, we created a tool. This was free of charge, but we ask for help for the hospitality and accommodation.

Priscilla Hirschhausen
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Through the Institute for Social and Cultural Work (ISKA) in Nuremberg, we won a tender in which the company "Die Biberei" created a tool for us to find out how well our projects are received by the participants. The tool also serves to inform refugees and new immigrants in the simplest way possible about the projects we are currently running. The development of the tool was completely free of charge for us. In order to test the tool with project participants and other people, we organised a test afternoon, for which Marco from Biberei travelled all the way from Villingen. During the test afternoon and the further programming and handing over of the tool in Nuremberg on the weekend of 18/19 June, we incurred costs that we, as a small association, can hardly bear on our own. 

Train and hotel costs were incurred, which we would like to recoup through crowdfunding, as well as catering costs for the "test afternoon" and Covidtests for a safety meeting.

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