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20 years of Sommerwerft - „Making Visible“ 2021

A project from Protagon e.V.
in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The Sommerwerft -international theatre festival- has been a platform for free theatre in public spaces, social interaction and intercultural dialogue for 20 years. The Sommerwerft will remain freely accessible to all!

Marina Fischer
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About this project

2021 - what we plan to do this year
At a time when the cultural landscape has become almost invisible, protagon e.V. is organising the Sommerwerft for the 20th time. Under the motto "Making Visible", the Sommerwerft offers a platform for diverse forms of art and expression for the regional cultural scene. Together for you, with you and thanks to you, we will bring culture back into public space.
In 2021 the Sommerwerft will celebrate its 20th anniversary!

From 23.07 to 8.08.2021, the cultural association will once again create a space for culture, community and dialogue that inspires, entertains and above all, encourages exchange outside the usual daily routine. For this purpose, we want to transform the area at the Wesel-Werft into a small cultural oasis, which we would like to create this year primarily with regional performances and contributions. Our mission this year is to make visible the maximum possible spectrum of different art forms.

2020 - what happened under Corona circumstances
The Sommerwerft took place! Very different. Covid-19 regulations required protective measures and hygiene concepts, which we were ultimately able to implement together with everyone, providing a safe Sommerwerft.  Despite the enormous restrictions, we were able to offer programming on the Main site for several hundred people. We have shown that culture in public space is possible even in times of pandemic! At this point we would like to thank you very much for your visit and for the numerous positive feedback. It has given us a lot of energy and motivation.

Sommerwerft - once again every year
Every summer protagon e.V. invites you to the international theatre festival on the Main. Our goals as organisers have not changed since the first Sommerwerft in 2002: From the very beginning, the festival has stood for an open theatre culture beyond the established theatres, for social collaboration and intercultural dialogue. Today, two decades later, the Sommerwerft has become a permanent event in the independent theatre scene. Today, around 200 artists and groups contribute to one of Germany's largest festivals for theatre in public spaces with music, dance, theatre, poetry and performance.

Anyone who visits the Sommerwerft can hardly believe that a large part of the event is provided by volunteers.
Around 300 people get involved and help to create the Sommerwerft. The organisational structure is extraordinary: from the very beginning of the planning, we work in a participatory and integrative way. For many weeks we live and work together on the Sommerwerft campus and learn from each other.

Thanks to the free access and centrality of the Weseler Werft, our offer is accessible as easily as hardly any other, because: Culture is for everyone!