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Save the Grünten! No fairground on the "Guardian of the Allgäu"!

A project from Bund Naturschutz in Bayern - Kreisgruppe Kempten
in Rettenberg, Germany

We want to prevent the Grünten from becoming a fairground, support the regional alpine economy in a sustainable way, promote gentle tourism and protect nature. Save the Grünten with us!

Thomas Reichart
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About this project

The project "Natur.Genuss.Berg.", formerly called "Grünten Bergwelt", is not sustainable from our point of view - What is planned?

  • The ski area is to be restructured. A 10-person gondola lift with 48 cabins is to be built for this purpose. 
  • The snow-making facilities are to be expanded, for which both new snow cannons and a second storage pond with a volume of 44,000 cubic metres are planned.
  • New cable car stations are to be built. In addition to rooms for the mountain rescue service, the mountain station will also have a catering area with a large terrace.
  • According to the current plans, the Grüntenhütte will not be completely demolished, but only the rear part will be rebuilt and have a basement. Rooms and storage facilities are to be accommodated there.
  • A new parking garage with three floors for several hundred cars is to be built in the valley.
  • It is planned to build a continuous service road up to the mountain station. 
  • There are also plans for a new "roller glider facility" several kilometres long, which would have absolute event character.
In our view, these plans are not in line with sustainable tourism development. They will turn the Grünten into a fairground and will cause considerable damage to nature.

What we demand (detailed description here):

1. Authentic mountain experience
2. Tourism with moderation
3. To continue the traditional alpine economy
4. Nature-based tourism without event infrastructure
5. Peace and quiet and deceleration
6. No fairground at the Grünten
7. Respect the protected landscape
8. A summer lift leads to congestion
9. No destruction of forests
10. No expansion of skiing operations
11. A visitor guidance concept is needed
12. A future concept for Alpine tourism is needed
13. A role model for mountaineering villages
14. Modal shift to local public transport
15 No amusement park on the mountain

Bund Naturschutz wants to preserve the Grünten in its original form. Therefore, we are preparing to make use of our right to sue. If we are successful in court and the costs for the lawyers are reimbursed, or if we receive more donations than needed, the excess donations  will be used for another charitable purpose of the Bund Naturschutz.

Please help us preserve the Grünten in its original form! Thank you very much!

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