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LiteratURLAUB - Support our book campaign!

A project from Kulturliste Düsseldorf e.V.
in Düsseldorf, Germany

With your donation you send our guests on a "literary holiday"!

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About this project

It has rarely been as important as it is now to be able to escape from one's own four walls. With falling incidence figures, the first holiday plans are being made again, trips to the Baltic and North Seas are being booked and suitcases are already being packed in one's mind. But many people live in Düsseldorf for whom a holiday trip is unfortunately not an option - even if the Corona requirements would allow it. More than 115,000 Düsseldorfers live on or below the poverty line and they also feel the need to leave everyday life behind.

That's why Kulturliste Düsseldorf created the "LiteratURLAUB" project! Because when the ceiling falls on your head, it can help to walk to the Volksgarten or the Rhine with a good book under your arm and to immerse yourself in the adventures of the novel's heroines while sitting in the green. With your support, we want to buy books and audio books from local bookshops and give our guests a little "literary holiday"! In addition, we want to support local bookshops, which have also been confronted with corona-related challenges for more than a year.

With your donation, you actively contribute to realising this project and enabling our guests to enjoy a " LiteratURLAUB"!