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An aid project by “Global Rescue Relief, Inc.” (Rebecca T.) in Kampala, Uganda

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Rebecca T. (Project Manager)

Rebecca T.
Help us build Global Rescue Relief Uganda Miracle Mission:

** Estimated half million to several million human trafficking victims in Africa
** Only 2 African nations are in full compliance with the Trafficking Victims Protection Act
** According to Ugandan government activities and NGO data, there is a tremendous need for victim services for almost every type of human trafficking. The biggest gap in treatment is for survivors of the sex trade and forced labor. These victims are in significant and urgent need of medical, mental, and social services.

For these reasons, in 2013, Global Rescue Relief plans to open the doors of its new Rescue House with the following initiatives & programming:

(1) education and awareness campaigns to identify high risk populations and heighten trafficking awareness & prevention;

(2) community outreach to identify victims;

(3) rescue & relocation of human trafficking survivors;

(4) sustainable community networks and resources for support and collaboration;

(5) short and long term shelter; and

(6) vital rehabilitative medical and social services enabling survivors to successfully reintegrate back into society.

Our survivor programs will mitigate the damage and obstacles created by traffickers while our initiatives will combat and prevent trafficking by creating awareness and establishing education. These life-saving services will decrease the likelihood of victimization and re-victimization and offer the chance to live a healthy hopeful live.

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Location: Kampala, Uganda

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