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Helpful videos by and for wheelchair users

A project from SUPR SPORTS gGmbH
in Hamburg, Germany

Videos on everyday life with helpful tips about the reality of life for wheelchair users

Lisa Schmidt
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Unfortunately, there are far too few offers for wheelchair users, especially outside the big cities. Therefore, we want to work on a good online offer where wheelchair users can inform themselves about relevant topics. From helpful tips and experiences from everyday life with a wheelchair to How To Dos in terms of wheelchair riding or wheelchair skating or more difficult topics of the wheelchair life that no one else addresses.

With your donation you can also determine the direction here with the corresponding need and thus co-decide which topics we should dedicate ourselves to in the near future. Just look for the corresponding need and donate specifically for a certain video idea. You are also welcome to send us detailed ideas, wishes and suggestions as comments.

Thank you for your support.

Example video from the first season of the online wheelchair riding school:

There is no comprehensive offer structure for wheelchair users, be it mobility trainings, sports offers or exchange possibilities. German-language videos with helpful tips from wheelchair users are also rare. English subtitles on Youtube.

Target group
The videos should be primarily for wheelchair users, depending on the format for different age groups and certainly now and then for other people with disabilities equally helpful. They may also contribute to the education of people without experience of disability, but this would only be a secondary goal.

We want to ensure, at least in the digital world, that German-language videos with helpful tips and important topics for wheelchair users are available everywhere - from, with and for wheelchair users. For this we will produce more video series and videos that teach the basics, such as the wheelchair riding school, or tips and tricks for everyday life, experiences, even on difficult topics such as incontinence and much more. Since we do everything ourselves, from the idea and script to shooting, editing and production, to subtitling, this of course eats up time and energy - and therefore money.

Lisa and David, possibly other actors and protagonists, as well as sign language interpreters for some videos (hopefully as many as possible).

From idea to completion takes a lot of time, but we are continuously working on idea and realization. The project is therefore ongoing and no clear start and time, because we think important topics are still enough!

Donations for what?
We use the donations completely for the production of the videos. This includes occasional purchases or creation of props or equipment as well as e.g. fees for participants and the personnel costs for the position of Lisa, who will do the main part of the work here.  

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