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Covid-19 awareness campaign

A project from Bon Secours Kamerun e.V.
in Douala, Cameroon

40 young volunteers are to be trained, who in turn are to raise awareness about Covid-19 in schools, churches, villages. Masks will be distributed free of charge and Covid-19 rapid tests will be carried out.

G. Schorn
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About this project

Cameroon, like other African countries, is very badly affected by the pandemic. Due to the poor equipment of the hospitals, many people who have a severe course of the disease cannot be helped. Education on the part of the government is very poor. Many people do not wear face masks and have not heard of spacing rules. The necessity of disinfection is also not known. That is why we want to start an awareness campaign with our partner association Hope&Life Cameroon. The aim is to educate people about the risks of infection and to sensitise them to the disease. We want to train 40 young volunteers who will then go to schools and villages to raise awareness. Free masks will be distributed and Covid 19 rapid tests will also be done.